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Android has become a popular operating system for smartphones. This has been possible mainly due to the availability of a large variety of the applications. The apps that offer many different features and facilities to the user. In fact, the mobile application has become a major source of reaching out to the consumers. However, the success of any app depends on the team that worked on it. The design, coding, testing and technical support are a few of the necessities of developing a robust android app.

D2S Technologies, an Android App Development Company India, offers you a team of Android masters. Our professionals have been in the development job for years and know all the latest trends including traditional requirements. We employ best of the best talents and provide them the latest technologies in order to bring the best results on the table. The skilled minds when meeting the right tools, it becomes much easier for you to achieve the customized applications that are scalable.

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Android App Development

Why D2S Technologies should be your app development partner

The cost-effectiveness and reliability are the two major reasons why we are famous as a Mobile app development company in Delhi. Our team analyzes your business needs and come up with a suitable app solution for you. This analysis includes your target market, future goals, current needs, and many other factors. Hence, the resulted solutions always give you amazing returns on your investment. The money you spend on the development comes back in multiplied figures again and again. With this, you achieve the goals of your business quickly and can improve your work function further.

D2S Technologies is a leading Android app development company and offers to make swift performing, dynamic and robust applications to suit your specific orientations and initiatives. Our app developers specialize in the leading Android OS platforms like Mashmallow, Lollipop and the more recent Nougat and they make high quality applications that are assured of refined functionality as per the requirements. We make all types of Android applications for the smart phones, tablets and even the wearables to synergize your operations, identities and networking. Android app developers at D2S Technologies have fine experience in making out the optimized value of Android Studio IDE and our apps never get struck in the OS kernels!

Industries we work for

When you have D2S technologies as your partner Android App Development Company in Delhi, following features knock your gates.

No matter what industry you belong to, we are the right company for you to achieve Android apps. So, call us now and consult with our team of experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at D2S Technologies are the renowned Mobile app development company in Delhi, India. We have a fully skilled team that has hands on experience for all types mobile app and android app development. Come up with any of your demand for the app development, the result will be outstanding.

We are expert and well experienced Android App Development Company India and the app development process with us is very agile. We follow the close collaboration of client and its requirement which initially help us reach the final goal. We help client to get a customized app that suits his need and business requirement.

D2S Technologies as a mobile and Android App Development Company in Delhi differs by the expertise its professionals have. At our company, we are always motivated for the cutting edge technology hitting the market and adapting he right procedure to get the right end result. As our experts are proficient enough in what they do, we stand apart from the other app development company in Delhi, India.

Despite being a most renowned mobile app development company in Noida, D2S Technologies is also known for its services to big enterprises, IT service providers at international level. We have been indulged in offshore outsourcing of mobile application development at the global and national level both.

Food For Thought

Mobile web is unfolding as a revolution and throwing up worthy statistics that further explain its significance and penetration. Mobile apps are the vehicles that can be credited for the boom! Figures show that now more than 47% of web traffic is through the mobile apps that people use through their smart phones.


In such context, it becomes imperative to consider and ensure the mobile friendliness quotient of your website including the interactive orientation of it! This is necessary because the leading search engines and Google in particular has adopted initiatives in favor of mobile web.


Its mobile friendliness test and AMP Project can be counted as the good examples in this regard and the webpages lacking along these parameters are backlashed in the mobile search results.

Business and workplace apps are in demand because these allow networking of the operational desks, the partner linkages and ‘in house’ workforces for better co-ordination, decision making and cost economy.


All these dimensions are the direct determinants of the enterprise efficiencies and thus businesses are swiftly adopting apps which are most of the times Android based. However, they often feel the confusion as what kind of android app they should go for – custom tailored one or the readymade one? This could be a tricky selection and based on the generic complexity that is present in work processes, the choice should be done, opine experts.

A custom yet expensive android app would resonate better with the intricate work desks of company.

Android has a substantive market share in the global app market and is continuing to surge fast year on year. Business firms are actively looking for the custom android apps with the objective of optimizing their work efficiencies. As said above, a resonant business application could catalyze the dimensions of coordination, communication and decision making among others.


A company benefiting along these parameters would definitely gain through enhanced profits! Many sub dimensions could be also counted like avoidance of overlapping in estimation and costs, swift execution cycles, streamlining of work desks, transparency, better exposure and marketing and such others. Thus the positive effect of a custom business app could be interwoven through multiple parameters that are otherwise hard to assimilate!

Mobile web is taking over the web revolution almost as occlusion that is very fast and momentous. The social and business segments have emerged as the flag bearers of mobile internet.


The companies in particular have developed deep affinities for a business app that is able to respond towards its work dynamics, forward and backward linkages, marketing and exposure and sales funneling of course. Most business applications are developed either with B2B or B2C orientations with the broad objective of catalyzing the marketing cum sales.


B2B applications secure the synergisms with the partner firms, distributors and marketing agencies. B2C apps are the common e-storefronts that directly connect the company and its customers (existing or potential) through the product sales in popular domains.

Android app development is a booming market because developers are actively catering in a resonant manner towards the custom requests of their clients that could hail from the segments of business and education to medicine and gaming among others.


Such wider functionality base of android apps makes it imperative for the developers to have knowledge and command over the concerned resources; failing which they won’t be able to achieve the coherence with the innovation demands at their desks. Experts have counted the following five resources that need to be leveraged for making a buoyant and high functionality app –


1. The app coding standards guides like Google’s Java Style Guide

2. The libraries like those available through Awesome Android and Android Arsenal

3. The Android design articles like Android uiux

4. The IONIC framework for hybrid apps

5. The official Android blogs for developers like Android Official Blog

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