Facebook Remarketing VS Google Remarketing

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Facebook Remarketing VS Google Remarketing
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  • April 07, 2018
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Facebook Remarketing VS Google Remarketing

If you are into this beautiful world of digital marketing, we are sure that you are aware of remarketing and its importance. For those of you who haven’t yet been sure of what it is, remarketing is a typical way of connecting with your previous visitors. It involves collection of these user data and targeting specific ads to this definite audience.

Recently, there are two types of ads that have been doing the rounds and creating a virtual war between the digital marketers. They are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Everybody is divided over what is better. In this post, we will look at both the concepts and see what can work the best for you.

Before we proceed, let us tell you that Ads can help you achieve around 10X click-through rates. So, now, you must work on them. But, which one?

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook remarketing involves what we know as “paid social”. It is a practice of putting up your ads on social networks and channels. Why it is beneficial is because you can find most of your customers on social channels these days. Here, remarketing would mean capturing your audience’s attention with your Ads and posts.

As compared to the search engines, Facebook allows remarketing at comparatively lower cost per click. It gets the customer to you rather than taking you to the customer. Besides this, it has also been proven that on Facebook, the conversion rates are much higher. This is because customers can easily recognise you when they come across your ad again.

Another major advantage of Facebook is that you can capitalise on social proof. Customers share their experiences on a single platform and that could give you a chance to convert more customers.

Looking at some of the statistics, we can predict that there are a total of 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, where 29.7 % of the users are in the age group of 25-34 years. Thus, by actively targeting, you can make a great deal out of your budget.

Let us now look at Google Remarketing

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine in the world. It fields more than around 3.5 billion searches each day. As a marketing option, it could present to you a magnanimous potential audience.

The major advantages of Google AdWords is that it gives you a wider audience base and a wide range of Ad formats. You could go for PPC Ads or sitelinks, Ad extensions and more. You can also make the most of the video ads or Google listings.

Which is better for you?

Why not try out a mix of both? They are both very powerful ad platforms that can help you cater to a wide range of business audiences. Do not look at them as competitive, look at them in a complementary way. You can bring together the best of both worlds in order to earn the maximum ROI for yourself.

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