SEO Trends That Will Make a Difference in Ranking in 2019

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SEO Trends That Will Make a Difference in Ranking in 2019
  • Posted byAdmin
  • January 21, 2019
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SEO Trends That Will Make a Difference in Ranking in 2019

If you go back to a decade back, or even just 5 years back, a major component of search engine optimization used to be to decide (or find out your targeted) keywords and stuff your content with them as much as possible. It seemed much easier to beat the system and ensure that your website got as many eyeballs you wanted. But Google has upped its game tremendously in the last few years. You have to keep on chopping and changing your SEO strategy to keep up with the latest guidelines from the search engine behemoth. 2018 was no different, and there were several occasions when web masters saw their ranking dip for no reason (known to them). As we begin 2019, let us gaze into the crystal ball and try to see what the four top SEO trends are that will make a difference in ranking in 2019.

Search engines are the first thing SEO experts will need to worry about in 2019, so nothing new there. But the canvas is set to grow bigger this year. People will be searching for apps in app stores, which you need to take care of if you have an app. There are people who would be searching specifically for videos not websites, or there could be podcasts they are interesting. That is why your SEO efforts need to go beyond only ensuring good ranks for your webpage.

The depth and width of content will become more important. This means that the content on the website must be attractive enough to draw backlinks from other websites, especially from subject matter experts. That also means that the content on the website should actually provide something useful in a particular subject. What all this points to is that focus on only keywords will no longer be good enough. Useful and relevant content on your website will get you better traffic volumes as well as better ranks on searches, so those aspects need to be given more attention.

Webmasters and business owners will need to get up to speed with newer ways of searching. For example, someone might simply speak into their smartphone, ‘What is the best restaurant in this location’. Your website must be voice optimized to ensure that you feature in the results for that query. So your website must be able to be the answer for conversational types of queries on voice search. A related issue is that more and more people have begun to use virtual assistants for finding answers. Your website should be able to align itself to such newer modes of search.

Finally, the importance of mobile optimized search is the last trend we wish to highlight. You must be aware that last year Google has introduced their mobile-first index. While this does not rule out searches on laptops or desktops as yet, but the day is not far when all web crawlers will migrate to a mobile-only style of search. That’s why 2019 should be the year when you migrate to a mobile-first optimization, with attention to page load speeds and other elements of user experience using mobile phones.

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