SMO Best Practices

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SMO Best Practices
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  • June 3, 2017
Posted in D2S-Delhi, India

SMO Best Practices

‘Social Media is a boon if used well, a curse if used too much’


Getting likes, shares and comments depends a lot on how well you source your content or how original it is. When people feel that what they are reading makes sense or is something unknown, they give more importance to it and appreciate it


Audience engagement goes a long way to let people know that you are in the thick of things. Frequency of posting, advertising, promoting are crucial when it comes to user interaction. Providing quick feedback, releasing blogs, starting a forum for users to voice their opinions on, are good ways to keep them engaged and increase traffic.

Target Audience

‘Jacks Of All Trades or ‘Master of One’? An effective SMO strategy does not jump into any opportunity or media available. If your users are mostly business professionals, then LinkedIn is probably the correct place for you. If your users are the younger, selfie loving generation then Facebook or Instagram is what you need. Understanding where your TA resides is first step to a successful SMO strategy.


Enhancing the website for an enriching user experience will decide how often they come back and also their word of mouth marketing. Keeping relevant social media handles at a comfortable place on the webpage will allow users to share you content readily. Providing users with login options via their social media accounts make it all the more easier to garner followers. Adding crisp and relevant images will add to the recall value and make the content lively.


Analyzing the impact your strategy is important once you have rolled it out. Other than the standard social media metrics available, there are loads of other metrics available from private sources. These allow you to customize the results as per convenience and analyze user generated data. What types of users are frequently visiting? What do they like the most? Is there a notable increase in traffic or not?

Public Relations

Social Media is one of the cheapest ways to promote your brand, webpage or business and make it reach the maximum number of people. A positive word on social media can propel any brand to overnight star status, while a negative one can spell doom also. What is more important is to let the target audience be aware about the good and the bad and use social media as a transparent tool for it.

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