Why it is important to invest in Mobile App SEO Optimization Process?

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Why it is important to invest in Mobile App SEO Optimization Process?
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  • Sep 26, 2019
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Why it is important to invest in Mobile App SEO Optimization Process?

Mobile App SEO Optimization Process, also known as ASO can be described as the process of optimize the mobile apps so that they can be ranked higher in app store search results. As an app enjoys higher ranking in the app store, it has a greater chance of getting downloaded by prospective users. Better online ranking in the app store can make it easily accessible to the potential customers. Owners of the app can always benefit from greater levels of traffic on their app’s page in the app store. With ASO, it is possible to increase the online traffic on the official page of an app on the app store so that people can download and start using the app.

The importance of App Store Optimization

Statistics has revealed that more than 63% of all apps are effectively discovered by people via app store searches. Therefore it can be said that the app store stands as the most extensively used channel for discovering new apps and then downloading them. For most of the average apps, the app store search option is the most effective way to get discovered by the potential users. Therefore unless you are using App Store Optimization for boosting the search ranking of your app, it would be practically impossible for you to reach out to a vast base of users who are looking for an app like yours.

The truth is that literally thousands of apps are created every single day and many of them fall into the same category. This means that there is a lot of competition among similar apps. Under such circumstances, the best way to attract the attention of your target customers is to optimize your app on the app store so that it gets noticed rather easily.

Factors that impact the App SEO ranking of your app on the app store

There are a number of factors that can impact the ranking of your app on the app store. We will have a look at them one by one.

Using keywords in the app title

Using relevant keywords in the app title is a good way to get ranked and discovered than not using them. Statistics have revealed that there is at least more than 10% of ranking increase when you have keywords included in the app title.

Higher ratings for the apps

Another factor that can enhance the ranking of an app in the app store is its ratings. It has been found that apps that have better ratings tend to have greater ranks than the ones that do not.

More downloads lead to better ranking

The apps that fetch greater number of downloads consistently are naturally more popular and they tend to have better ranking on the app store than the ones with fewer number of downloads.

Better reviews

Users can post reviews in the app store for the experience that they have with a particular app. The more number of positive reviews can improve ranking whereas negative reviews naturally impact the ranking in a negative way.

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