Why E-commerce?

Have you ever wondered what e-commerce is or what the exact meaning of the term E commerce is? Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. E commerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance. Electronic commerce has expanded rapidly over the past few years and is predicted to continue at this rate.

Gone were the days when a buyer and seller need to be in person to carry out the transaction. But the advent of internet has transformed the definition of buying and selling. Now neither the buyers nor the sellers have to fix up meeting to get things as you can get everything simply with a click. Thanks to e-commerce!

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E commerce Development

E-commerce: Emerging Trends

The emerging trends of e-commerce one should follow are: first is drop- shipping which means acting middlemen between the manufacture and the customer. It is profitable for the business which does not have much capital to start with. The second is smarter payment process which is a final step for the customer so the company needs to provide a trustworthy payment to the customer or the customer may step backwards. Another trend is packaging, which is again a crucial part for customer, the packaging should be durable, can be personified. A great packing will interact great customers. Through e-commerce you can adapt these changes and trends more comfortably and reach more people.

Advantages of e-commerce:
  • Abundant clients
  • Reduced resource hiring and training cost
  • Saves time
  • Customer Reviews available
  • Flexibility to customers
  • No geographical limits
  • Quick and affordable
  • Personalization available
Importance of hiring an e-commerce website development company-

If you want to have your own e-Commerce based site, then certainly you need to take some professional guidance from us for e-Commerce website development.

Now you might be oscillating why to entrust e-Commerce website Design Company. This is because we speed up with lists of advantages, like preparing your site with all added e-Commerce feature.

We try to keep your site highly presentable so that we push tour site to acquire a good rank in search engines. Partnering with the best E-Commerce Development Company will give you an advantage in reaching the global market through the internet. An e-commerce website is different from a local store due to its limitless time and geographical availability.

  • Great result and outcomes: Since we know the rules and regulation and the tactics, it would be easy for us to deliver great results. We ensure great results as far as online store designing and website is concerned.

  • Build networks: Social media is an important aspect of SEO companies. The high visibility of your page on social media throughout the globe will result in greater outcomes and help in creating networks with valuable customers.

  • Work strategically: We know the rules. The initial step we do take is having a deep look at the business module and figure out the prospects from there. Certainly we use the word strategy so that you can achieve the goal easily. Obviously we back you to survive in this competitively driven market.

  • Domain proficiency: It is usually difficult for small companies to hire e-commerce development experts but with e-commerce development companies like us you can hire professionals with too much affecting your pocket.

  • Focuses on website development: As a successful E-commerce company in Delhi NCR, we remember that a key to successful online business is directly proportional to that of the development of a website. In order to put up a high end site we apply robust and dynamically oriented formulas.
    Additionally as an e-Commerce development in India we try to configure a completely planned site which would be lively and would pull customers repeatedly.

  • Elimination of risk: There is lesser risk when you hire professional for your company because we never fail to analyse your business and make the most of it. The professionals know the penalties, rules and can deal with it.

  • Increase in visibility: The main aim of any business is to be visible. Visibility will only help in promotion and even prosperity of the company. SEO companies help you to get identified by both users and search engines. It help you increase organic traffic rather than paid traffic.
    You can see that the web design companies are the real backbone to any e-commerce owner. We actually meet the criteria and build a site which will prove to be advantageous for your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

D2S being a prominent eCommerce development in India offers all types of eCommerce development including the Magento, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, 3D Cart, eShop, Shopify, etc. you just come up with need, we will fulfill it at D2S Technologies.

As we want to stand apart in our services among the best in eCommerce development in Noida, we have highly skilled professionals that come with a background of extensive experience. This experience makes them stand apart whether it is about working in any open source platform or with .NET platform. Our experts will provide fully customized stores.

When you hire D2S Technologies, one of the best eCommerce companies in Delhi NCR, you must expect the best. we have dedicated professionals that work for the development and the provided solutions by them are always easy and clear to navigate. Our experts will give their best to enhance the user experience.

Our experts at D2S know that eCommerce is all about buying and selling which requires the online banking and transactions. So, keeping the fact in mind, our experts have developed the best security and secure payment gateway that could not be breached. Our eCommerce website development team at D2S Technologies will provide the safe and secure monetary transactions.

Food For Thought

eCommerce is a prominent concept of the modern day internet; because more numbers of vendors are trying to replicate their storefronts in the web domains. This has led to competition and resultant specializations at the work desks of the webmasters that excel in this niche. They have been innovating when confronting specific situations like what to do with the displayed product page where the product has gone out of stock!


Most web developers have been using this situation to serve vibrant yet similar options to the visitors so that they feel inspired to at least have a look and this could be a passage to sales too! Or you can allow them to add the product to their wish list so that they will be informed through ‘in app’ notification when the same product is available. More options could be bred as innovations!

With growing ecommerce fanfares in the web, the vulnerabilities have also emboldened and many brands face the risk of online identity theft that may remain anonymous and cost billions through sales diversions. The buyers on the other hand also may not be aware that they are buying counterfeit products and are being duped! When they realize being cheated, they blame the brand and harm its reputation. Hence it is a twin loss for the company! Experts have offered the following tactics to counter such possibility of identity theft online


1. Make your social accounts verifiable and undertake community management initiative

2. Ensure your trademark registration

3. Adopt a logo – its helps towards fundamental definition of your brand’s presence

4. Develop guidelines for the intermediaries handling your brand – this is for uniformity

5. Maintain surveillance for brand infringement

6. Be vigilant while scaling up or diversifying to new geographies!

Running an online storefront could be a daunting task because multiple dimensions need to be looked after. There is much pressure on the webmasters who are required to integrate the vital and fail proof functions on page; while the brand/company also has to ensure the buoyancy and zero downtimes to optimize the sales. Time, energy and cost are also maximized during such attempts. However, experts have counseled the following tips on how to reduce time and monetary burden while managing the online store –


1. Fulfillment can be outsourced

2. Orders processing to be automated in a secure way

3. Promotions need to be kept simple to save the excess of running costs employed for the same

4. Include only popular and easy payment options

Images form a big dimension in determining the overall user experience at the webpage. While for the ordinary web surfers this could be an all good experience with nothing problematic, for the website owners it could be a dimension of trouble; if they have sourced the image without license. Importing any image from the sources like Google Images or such other pools could be caught as violation of copyright law, warn the experts.


This could cost the website owner dearly who may be asked to pay the fine! Supra image pools like Getty have developed capabilities through dedicated crawler bots that move through the web to find the image copyright violations.


Hence, it is recommended that image be used through license only!

Ecommerce is booming year on year because more people are navigating through the vibrant online showcases for their cherished products/services through their smart devices while lying cozy in their beds! When they buy, they also offer their vital personal and financial information to the vendor that records it in its database? What if someone breaches the safety buffers of the vendor’s data systems and steals your information? Encryption prevents the same possibility from fructifying.


Every data is encrypted and remains in an un-deciphered state till it is decrypted back by the recipient; who can do this only through a secure key! Therefore most ecommerce sites now make use of encryption technology despite it being expensive! This also adds credibility to the website due to enhanced safety.

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