Reputation Damages


Reputation Damages

The question is why on earth would anybody want to go online and spoil your good name? There are lots of reasons. Maybe they're unhappy with your service. They could be irrational or have impractical expectations. Even though it's hard to perceive the views of different people and also not possible to keep all of them happy and satisfied all the time with your services therefore if someone has personal issues with you, they can take revenge online and cause chaos. It might be someone you used to work with or, even worse, someone you fired. Every week we get countless numbers of inquiries for our help from good people just like yourself who had fired an employee and they thought it would be amusing to devastate their previous employer's reputation online.

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how your reputation damages

How your reputation damages

Once a negative comment is posted online about your reputation it hardly takes an hour to spoil your online reputation. No matter where it's posted, it can appear in search engine results and unless you hire true experts to bury it deep in the search results you're in big trouble. Apart from search engines there are Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc, where people are talking about all kinds of things and these are not private discussions. These sites have millions of users who log on daily, so one damaging comment can really hurt and spread virally if you don't protect your online profile. Review sites can build or split a company's reputation. These are sites where customers can rate or rank services they used. If someone wasn't entirely happy, they can leave comments that others will see when they're shopping for that service.

The motive for eliminating negative content as soon as probable is since it logically attracts further negative remarks. The key search engines all the time want to display the most appropriate results so they look for dynamic sites, as soon as downbeat content develops, it can route a huge entry of action which in roll pushes Google to display the site for the keyword (probably your company name).

The other main reason it's dangerous is the sites that are often used by disgruntled customers tend to carry a lot of weight in the search engines, so one well-constructed page that is attracting more content on a popular site could in effect do better than your own website which in turn can have massive negative results for your business.

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