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Online Reputation Management

In todays world, business is not as easy as it used to be a few years back. With upcoming new technologies sprouting in the market, came stiff competition and tough competitors. Flourishing companies are envious of their contenders and this quite often leads to extreme situations popping in, particularly when they tend to spoil each others reputation. In this regard, search engines might fail and legal proceedings can be costly and most of the times, ineffective. This is when you require our online Reputation Management services.

As the term hints at, Online Reputation Management or popularly known as ORM is the process that keeps a track of all the deeds and dealings of your organization and also reports about the happenings of your competitors. This allows you to remain alert and prevent your company from any kind of shortcomings.

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ORM Company in Delhi NCR

Online Reputation Management

When do you need Online Reputation Management (ORM) services?
  • If someone has given false downbeat feedback about your company on certain forums or blogs
  • If some over-aggressive customer writes negative reviews on some important review sites
  • If the negative posts about you or your company appear on the first result pages of search engines, etc.
  • If you need to keep protect your name, your brand name or your company name high in the market
Why D2S Technologies for your Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

The Reputation Management services at D2S Technologies are full-proof and guaranteed. All the members in our Reputation Management team are certified by Google, Yahoo and MSN and we undertake to serve you in the best possible way. We even employ Social Media to provide you with a complete package of Reputation Management services, at reasonable prices.

Some money saving tips on reputation management:

  • Do not allow others to get a chance to put a stain on your good name
  • Protect your reputation by keeping yourself alert
  • Preserve your position in business
  • Keep a check on your online posts
  • Stay updated and safe

It is imperative that you create a good reputation so that you are in a position to earn customers' trust. Hence it is utmost important that you hire the best ORM services Delhi if searching for one in Delhi. The company providing online reputation management services will help you get valuable feedback from your customers on your products and services through online brand reputation management. The efforts made at your end are likely to let you earn a high level of customer satisfaction. A good online reputation management service provider will observe your competition and also on how customers react to your product and services. Ensure you hire the best online reputation management services provider who can provide you with quality services.

Frequently Asked Questions

D2S Technologies manages each and every aspect relating to the brand image of their client’s company on the internet. Thus, whether it is the digital marketing plans for the company, or managing the content present on the various social sites about the company, this ORM company Delhi, Noida, will use all the tricks and tools available in the books to monitor the online brand image of the client company and take corrective actions wherever required.

It is important to understand that managing the online reputation is crucial for the companies these days. More than anything else, it is the internet, which people rely on for all their information. Thus, if the reputation of a company on the internet is not good, its image in the minds of the customers will also get ruined, and this will have a direct and a negative impact on the sales and profitability of the company.

Through our good online reputation management services, we help the companies in exploring new opportunities and increasing their sales. We also play a crucial part in the digital marketing of the company strategies of the client companies. By creating a favorable image in the minds of the customers, we help in increasing the traffic for the website of the client company, and this leads to increased sales.

We track all the latest news about the client companies floating on the internet and give the client company all the information about the same immediately so that necessary measures can be taken immediately to refute all this negative information present on the internet.

Food For Thought

Digital marketing and branding have become pronounced exercises that are skillfully attempted by the webmasters. However, the ever expanding domains of internet and the inclusion of newer paradigms cum dimensions in it has led to the vulnerabilities also; such that the rival brands may engage in false campaigns to bring the market value down and tarnish the brand image!


Even the minor discrepancies on the part of the business firm could cost dearly; like when the customers air their views and wrath freely in the social domains. So how to boost the ROI while negating all such critical buzz that may become prominent anytime? Experts recommend ORM (online reputation management) services as part of the digital marketing and some objective steps in this regard could be –


1. Buffering the brand from negative campaigns

2. Remove and filter the negative eWoM

3. Pool the positive leads and cure them

4. Analyze the trends and choices of the target audience

5. Dynamically condition the digital marketing campaign to keep it on track

With the online community expanding pretty fast every year, most of us knowingly or unknowingly generate loose threads of personal information in the web domains. This could be indexed by Google or other search engine for the purpose of search results; which however is not bad! The problem develops when it starts to affect our branding and worth in web spaces.


It is then required to remove personal information from the web. Google entertains requests for such removal by anyone through its ‘public removal tool’ or ‘new removal requests’ among others. Apart from this, the seeker also needs to request the removal from the website owner that publishes it on its webpage. Often these measures are taken as part of ORM.

Online reputation management is not easy! Its contours in each case depend on the requirements of the time and exigency. One of the most fundamental approaches that experts recommend is the perpetuation of the brand which is ‘you’! This means that you are the best ambassador of self in the web and done correctly, your reputation can be optimized in the best ways and with least of vulnerabilities.


ORM specialists often focus on making use of the tools like PR exercises and the blog pages where you contribute self or are represented as the central figure! In this manner, you build your image as a brand and also respond to the eWoM in the best ways. A good part of ORM exercise should be driven by the generic worth rather than the secondary fanfares that depend too much on what others think and say!

Negative reviews, comments and recommendations have become common because of the new paradigms; many of which have been deliberately adopted by the search engines or industry. The engines consider the webpages that have unbiased reviews as worthy to be ranked up in SERPs! As a result, the webmasters have to fight off the negative comments and criticism in a meaningful manner.


They opine that the best way to do this is to make out the positive value out of criticism so that those following the negative leads are convinced about the goodness! With this done effectively, ORM maneuvers are successful always! In the backend, the tasks of ORM specialists also include removing and filtering the negative buzz as early as possible so that is does not affects the new audience base.

Commerce through the web domains is not easy now; courtesy to the growing competition and the large number of choices for the potential buyers in the same segment. Branding and marketing are thus very important and so is ORM! Negative feedback and criticism could eat up your target client bases and your brand could go into the doldrums! As said, above, it is necessary to prevent the spread of negative buzz to your new probable customers who could move away from the deal.


The ORM experts make cautioned attempts to weed out and subdue the critical leads and thus ensure the buoyancy of your banner by buffering it. Your sales thus remain protected and continue to grow.

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