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It is difficult for the business leaders to keep an eye on the social media performance and image of their business. However, it is something which should not be ignored either. The social media is the most effective place to engage with your target audience and create a community around your brand. Platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkdIn, and Twitter are some of the most popular social media options you need to consider. Holding a strong position in all of these platforms is the goal you need to achieve.

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Social Media Optimization

Connect With Your Audience Effectively With Our Social Media Optimisation Services

D2S technologies, an smo company india, is your best destination in order to achieve your social media goals. We offer our expert strategies in order to improve your social media image. For new businesses, we work towards providing more awareness, while for the established companies we aim to get more traffic and the loyalty of the audiences. Hence, our unique approach makes us a reliable service provider.

How we work

We can start working from the scratch and lead your business to a successful social media levels. Our social media optimization goes through different phases, which ensures the success of the project. That is why we are a preferred smo company in delhi.


Here is a glimpse of our approach towards SMO services.

  1. Our experts of social media create accounts of your brand, business, or company on various social media platforms.
  2. We generate content for the different platforms. The content is developed in order to attract the right audience for your business. This helps in raising your brand awareness.
  3. The team constantly keeps an eye on the social media trends in order to connect your brand with the right opportunities.
  4. Regular reports and analytics are prepared in order to measure the results of the actions. This also allows us to modify the approach and further improve the effectiveness of the plan.

Why D2S?

We are committed to deliver a wide domain of SEO services, which can deliver an unprecedented growth to your business. Our past outstanding experiences give us an edge, which helps us in evolving to meet the present demand of the market.
By relying on most contemporary SEO techniques, we are now recognized as one of the renowned Search engine optimization company in Gurgaon NCR.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many services that will come under the tag of social media optimization Delhi. However, at the D2S Technologies, the prominent service that incorporates are creation of unique graphic designs for company profile, providing or community widgets, preparing effective social media techniques, and accessing customer analytics.

D2S Technologies has not left any such social media portal and performs optimization for nearly the all. The list includes the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, etc. Our experts at the social media agency in Delhi nearly centers all platform so that best media optimization is achieved.

Being a social media expert in Noida, we at D2S Technologies have learned that the social media optimization is a thing that does not differ according to the size of the company. It is a service enhancer that performs same for all size of the companies. Therefore, no, there is no change in the services if the size of firm is small or big.

D2S Technologies is a little different from other social media companies in Delhi in the fact that we provide proper track of your performance. Our experts provide monthly track of the analytics that will tell the progress chart of the company. Also, we will provide the campaign that is customized for the service need of your business.

Food For Thought

Social networking is an ever expanding turf with more enthusiasts getting engaged each day. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram are among the top networking sites that have billions of people chatting and making lively hangouts. But for a business client that wants to leverage the social wave, it is also important to find as which is the best time to post!


The trending and engagement patterns keep fluctuating with time and for clients in different orientations and niches, the time slots could further vary! The best is to make a generic and custom analysis so as to find out when your target audiences are engaged the max. This ensures that your post finds re-tweets, recommendations and thus more probability to get viral. Analytical tools like Hoot Suite’s, Social Bro, Topsy and others help to find the best timings on different platforms.

Social media marketing or SMM is a prominent and demanded specialization in the segment of web design and development. However, to attempt it correctly such that the resonance is brewed like a fanfare is not easy; rather it is a challenge and each time too! This means that the webmasters cannot find a hard and fast rule to conquer the social turfs in the web for their every client.


Each time, a generic attempt has to be made such that the banner develops optimized branding worth and emerges as a celebrated name. Thus the question of how to do SMO and marketing for a client is vague! The real solution to this query is to engage in custom analyses to find as what social turfs are being used by the targeted audiences and how best can they be engaged. Securing these dimensions, SMO and SMM are a success!

Ecommerce is one of the two dominant orientations that web has adopted in modern age; the other being ‘web social’!Interestingly, the synergism between the two has been quiet a demanded phenomenon and the webmasters are working on the same for their business clients that want to ride on the social waves to boost their sales. This has led to development of social media strategies for ecommerce optimization. Experts have spelled these five tactics that guide the ecommerce specialists around the world –


1. Find out the target audiences in the web domains

2. Find out where they are present in web social spaces and how they interact

3. Learn their preferences through detailed analyses and trends of time

4. Determine the right mix of SMO components for achieving resonance with target audiences

5. Dynamically modify and condition your web social campaign for best results

Specific industries and sectors are served through different social media strategies because one size fits all approach is defunct for attempting the SMO and SMM! Take the real estate sector for example and you will find the trends changing YoY as also region to region! The latest real estate 2017 trends for India, as outlined by experts depict the following –


1. More of the social networking being witnessed for search of affordable property

2. People discussing the land options in rurban fringes of cities

3. Farmlands offers for those engaged in lucrative sales

4. Paying guests oriented demands and associated recommendations & ratings


Thus the people are engaged and discussing with their social peers whom they trust more; as compared to the open canvassing by the developers!

With the social media turfs increasing in scope and numbers, those seeking the commercial mileage through the same often ask as which one to choose? This querying is more because of the fact that SMO/SMM service desks have got differentiated with the specialized catering of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn marketing and so on. So which one to choose among the big two - Facebook and twitter?


There cannot be a definite answer to this; mainly because the user patterns, geographies and age groups for the two do differ! So look out your audience first and make a custom mix of the two while sensing as where the resonance lies! Twitter has been found more popular among the young and offers the ability to go viral! Facebook has broader and consistent outreach and good for generic branding!

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