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D2S Technologies offers dedicated and customized ORM services towards ensuring that your brand value and reputation in the online mediums remains intact and optimized and your banner reaps the benefits of marketing and branding while remaining away from criticism. ORM or ‘online reputation management is the emerging niche in the segment of web design and development and the tasks of it are oriented towards buffering the value and worth that a company or brand possess in the web domains. D2S Technologies is a leading ORM services London Company and we employ our experiences in different concepts of web design and development to create a dynamic mechanism whereby the deviations could be monitored in real time and corrections are done. This keeps up your value and identity!

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D2S Technologies – ORM specialist!

The need for ORM services –

The modes and channels of marketing and advertising that are being utilized by the webmasters are very innovative and generic in scope. These mediums like the ‘web social’ offer long term branding potentials in consonance with the maneuvers of the search engines and hence the significance of the same has risen substantially. However, such canvassing and marketing channels are very free turfs and allow any anonymous visitor or user to leave his eWoM which could also be in the form of criticism; in case he is not satisfied! Such a negative comment could eat up a substantive value of your brand and the sales in prospects get affected.
Malicious attempts by the rivals brands are also a cause of concern because these are made with the intention of decreasing the worth and value of your banner. At D2S Technologies, we employ different techniques of web design and development to create a secure buffer so that your brand continues to grow and reaps worth at its credit while defending criticism of all types. Further, our ability to mount customized ORM strategies makes us the trusted online reputation management London and Leeds Company!

How we attempt ORM for you –

Our ORM services Leeds and London include these successive stages -

  • Online branding This is the first step of ORM and in this stage we attempt to boost up your reputation and value in the online channels through all relevant means and concepts including social.
  • Reputation monitoring The reputation monitoring is the most important part of any ORM and here we find out the deviations that your brand may be developing like through criticism from different means. We rely on the following tools and functions to track your web presence.
    1. Google Alerts
    2. Namyz
    3. Trackur
    4. Brandseye
    5. SocialMention
Reputation management

Here, we make the necessary corrections and modifications so that the negative buzz is removed and your brand does not suffer from the same.

Reputation protection

We kill the unhealthy tags and leads including the malicious attempts. A buffer is mounted to guard your identity and value in the web domains.

Allow us to be your reputation manager and get assured of the best results and branding for you!

Why D2S?

D2S Technologies has developed fine competence in the still emerging niche of ORM or ‘online reputation management’ which has become significant due to the changing dimensions of web. Sensing the need to protect the online identities of the clients from diversity of criticism in the web domains, we responded by conditioning the appropriate techniques of web design and development towards generating sort of buffer!

Thus ORM at D2S Technologies includes the specialty web design and development methods which are mounted to control the critical leads that a banner could be accumulating at its credit through various channels like comments & feedback forums, social networking turfs and anonymous peer reviews of negative orientations. Apart from these, planned unethical attacks made by rivals to tarnish the online reputation are also countered effectively through dedicated sorting and filtering functions which weed out the negative leads and comments. In this way, your brand value remains intact and buoyant!


Frequently Asked Questions

ORM or ‘online reputation management’ is the new specialization in the field of web design and development. The tasks in ORM segment are aimed at optimizing the branding and overall value of the business banner and also eliminate the negative buzz – social or otherwise, from the web domains.

At D2S Technologies, ORM is attempted in a dedicated manner and our webmasters employ the refined techniques of web design and development to make sure that your biz banner gathers only positive buzz and comments and negative eWoM is removed!

We make use of specific filtering functions that identify and weed out the negative comments and associated leads. In this manner, criticism is curbed to minimum.

ORM helps in branding and marketing because dedicated initiatives are pooled to improve your value in the online domains.

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