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D2S Technologies offers to provide specialized and dedicated ORM services to its business clients so that their brand in the web domains remains buoyant. We ensure that your banner does not invite any criticism which has the potential to reduce your value and worth among the target audiences.

ORM is the new specialization in the field of web design and development and relates to the tasks that are geared towards protecting the brand value including against the malicious attempts or the generic criticism that could develop over time. D2S Technologies is a leading ORM services New York Company and rides upon its expertise in wide range of web design and development concepts to secure the best of buffers for your brand.

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ORM Services in New York

ORM services at D2S Technologies

As a result, you reap the benefits of positive marketing and branding without any negative value!

The need for ORM services –

The last few years have seen increased and innovative use of marketing mediums like the web social. It should be stated that the branding mileages offered through these mediums are generic, robust and long lasting; but these mediums are also much anonymous & open turfs which are vulnerable to criticism! A user may leave a genuine negative comment if he is not satisfied due to one or the other reason. While such reason may or may not be real, the negative lead so generated will potentially eat up the sales chances as others would get distracted!
Malicious attempts in a dedicated manner by the rival brands are another reason for the criticism that brings down the brand value. We at D2S Technologies pull out these unhealthy leads from your social and overall presence in the web and secure the positive worth at your credit that is devoid of criticism.
Our ability to mount custom tailored ORM campaigns makes us stand out different from other service providers. We are therefore the preferred online reputation management Los Angeles & New York Company.

The components of ORM at D2S Technologies –

Our ORM services Los Angeles and New York include the following -

  • Online branding We start with your branding through diverse yet resonant concepts so that your online value and worth is optimized.
  • Reputation monitoring We monitor as what deviations are occurring in your identity and brand value, especially through the negative leads of criticism. We rely on the following tools and tracking functions -
    1. Google Alerts
    2. Namyz
    3. Trackur
    4. Brandseye
    5. SocialMention
Reputation management

We manage your online reputation by correcting the deviations and modifying the ORM campaign appropriately.

Reputation protection

Here we pull down the negative leads and generate buffers against the malicious attempts that may be done by the rivals.

Allows us to be your ORM specialist and we promise the best of reputation management for you!

Why D2S?

D2S Technologies offers to optimize your branding, worth and reputation online through the implementation of dedicated techniques of web design and development. ORM is an emerging niche in the segment of web services and is oriented towards improving the authenticity and hence reputation which has become vulnerable on account of various reasons.

The dynamic and vibrant social turfs that are being much relied for generic marketing and visibility mileage are flourishing as anonymous and unbiased zones that are frequented by the enthusiasts and peers. The eWoM that they produce could serve as the tags of praise and bring accolades and can also sometimes spill up as criticism!

We at D2S Technologies ensure that your banner does not suffer due to such criticism including that which is generated as planned attacks by the rivals. Simultaneously, we also ensure that all the relevant social channels are fully worked upon to generate the best branding results in your favor.


Frequently Asked Questions

ORM or ‘online reputation management’ protects your web identity from the unsought attacks and criticism through the negative commenting, bad feedbacks and poor reviews. ORM thus protects your branding &value in the web.

ORM at D2S Technologies includes the techniques to boost your online reputation, brand value and worth. We also work to remove the negative buzz and critical leads at your credit.

ORM strategy is executed through dedicated sorting and filtering functions that identify and weed out the negative leads which could eat up your worth and value in the online domains

ORM also includes the positive maneuvers that are aimed at boosting the online reputation and branding of the client’s banner in the web. These measures effectively complement the critical comments filtering functions.

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