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D2S Technologies is a leading web services company that specializes in all the demanded concepts and emerging niches of web design and development. Our affordable web development in New York and Los Angeles includes the services of SEO, SMO, SMM, ORM, mobile applications development and ecommerce development among others. While we started as a nascent web design and development company, we dynamically responded towards the new paradigms and acquired frontline specializations in them. Today, our SEO services are considered among the best because of the high customization and cost effectiveness that we offer for the client. Through our ecommerce website development Los Angeles and NY, we have helped hundreds of vendors to develop their e storefronts in the web and reap high sales online! We are ready to serve towards your initiatives and orientations with full passion!

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web services in LA, NYC

Web services at D2S Technologies are an array!

Our high quality and affordable web designing in Los Angeles and NY is spread along the following services –

  • SEO – SEO or ‘search engine optimization’ is the most demanded specialization of web design and development because upon it depend the visibilities and traffic. We at D2S Technologies understand the importance of SEO and therefore ensure that every page we design carries the resonant tags to match the search algorithms of the ever smart and intelligent engines of age like Google. Our webmasters identify the best of SEO components which are then embedded in a custom way so that your webpage finds place in the top slots of SERP (search engine results page). We rely on the combination of following SEO techniques –
    1. Keywords and content
    2. Meta titles and tags
    3. Local listing & Backlinks
    4. Geo targeting
    5. User experience designs
    6. Information architecture
    7. Navigation attributes including sitemap
    To complement the generic SEO tasks, we make use of paid marketing and visibility mechanisms also like SEM (search engine marketing), PPC (pay per click), CPI (cost per impression) and banner advertisements.
  • SMO – Our affordable web development in New York and Los Angeles also includes innovative use of ‘web social’. Webmasters at D2S Technologies sow the seeds in the relevant social turfs and then dynamically cure them so that these grow as vibrant fanfares and secure traffic, worth and value for your brand. We also attempt direct selling through SMM (social media marketing) in the social passages.
  • ORM – ORM or ‘online reputation management’ is the emerging niche that caters towards the demand of reputation management and branding optimization by weeding out the criticism that could be harmful for your banner. We at D2S Technologies employ all the resonant methods of web design and development to ensure best of online reputation for you.
  • Mobile applications development D2S Technologies offers to make swift, fluent and dynamic mobile applications that glide through the OS platform and delivers the desired results. We make apps for the following devices –
    1. Android
    2. iOS
    3. Blackberry
    4. Windows
  • Ecommerce development We offer high quality and affordable ecommerce website development New York services. Our e storefronts are developed complete with all the functions like navigation, product comparison, shopping cart and shipping & payment gateways.
  • CMS development We make multi functional CMS or ‘content management systems’ towards various orientations like publication, enrolment, B2B networking, banking & insurance, interfacing and many more.

Come to D2S Technologies and find the high quality yet cost effective web services that assure high efficiencies!

Why D2S?

D2S Technologies offers whole spectrum of web services ranging from authentic web designing and innovative web development to various specializations like SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM, ORM, ecommerce portal development, mobile app development, CMS portals and many more.

Such a wide array of service delivery makes us the preferred and sought after banner in the web design market of US and the world over. Responding towards the emergent orientations and concepts in the domain of web proactively, we succeeded in developing edge in them and now we offer frontline services which reflect through the mileages and catalyses in your initiatives and projects.

Each of the web service is offered after detailed analysis and planning so as to ensure that your objectives are not missed even an inch! While making the plan de novo from scratch, innovations are visualized and implemented as the icons that guide our efforts each time and make us the leaders in our segment.


Frequently Asked Questions

D2S Technologies specializes in complete matrix of web design and development services including all the specializations of it such as SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM, ORM, mobile applications development and ecommerce development.

At D2S Technologies, every web design and development task is done in a customized manner as per the demands and orientations of the client. Because of such customizations, we are able to satisfy our clients without fail!

D2S Technologies is counted among the leaders of SEO in USA. Our SEO strategy is developed as a custom mix of the on page and off page components that generate super visibilities and traffic to your webpage.

Our web services are completely ethical and we do not engage in unethical conducts. Our webmasters strictly follow the good practices of industry and the norms enforced by the W3C.

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