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Does a website development company prove best for your company?

These days having a business without a website mean you are miles away from popularity. Yes, that is the term fame and stature these two will follow you everywhere when you have a beautifully developed site. Somewhere down the line you will certainly benefit from these. But for that you need to lock down that being a reputed website development company will provide you the needful with an assurance.

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Website Development

Does a website development company prove best for your company?

Giving you the peak through advertisement:

We as a professional Web development company Noida make it clear that our client feels completely assuage with our work. It is our primary concern to make your site completely environmental and user friendly.
As a proactive Website development company in Delhi we are precise about the advertisement world. We notably incorporate the social media integration to give your brand a possible exposure. Along with that we also unite the advance features and integrates seo additions so that your site earns the maximum.

You can save on cost and time:

Cost and time are the two precious investments that every owner needs to do. But as a professional company dealing with Web development in Delhi will definitely advertise your product in the way you want but that too with elan and class. However, fundamentally, our team does not pressurize you in terms of budget. In fact, we also go for offline advertisement which won’t require a single penny.
In fact, being a prominent Web development services in India we try to push our talent to your threshold so that you can spend quality time on exploring the new exhibitions for your company.

Reach to millions in a second:

As one of the punctilious Website Development Company in India we promise that we will make your site accessible to all even when you are sleeping. No need to look for people personally as the virtual world will pull users in a minute.
Definitely it is our challenge to provide your brand a global exposure. We will do try every possible agendas to make your the most searchable site on the internet. In terms of development it is our promise to stand up to your requirements. The bottom line is you will appreciate our work and applaud out effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

At D2S Technologies, every project is taken and understood for the requirement. Once the requirement is fully mended, we being a responsible web development company Noida prepare a preliminary project. This preliminary project is that forwarded to client for the approval. Once we get the approval, the main work of website development starts.

Website development company in Delhi has this responsibility of delivering the best and qualitative development. So, when we at D2S Technologies take the project we complete it by doing quality check. We search for the hidden bugs and run it on in-house server for any error. After the rigorous testing, the website that comes out is the perfect one.

The size of company is never a constraint with Web development services in India that D2S Technologies gives. We render our services to all types and size of firms depending on their budget. Being more precisely, our services might vary in terms of affordability but the quality is always good. We would provide you the best package according to the size and budget of your firm.

There are chances that being a layman to the website and its working, you might face some sort of issue handling it. But don’t worry. We at D2S Technologies, a sincere Website Development company in India, provide the personal training to client when where needed.

Food For Thought

Web presence has become a norm for people, institutions, companies and government agencies also. This has led to a boom in the web design and development services. However, an element of competition has emerged because the ever expanding web is almost equivalent to a parallel social economy; courtesy to the social profiles and the e storefronts that are now present in it.


Most entities therefore want to have the competitive edge and thus some suggest that it is better to plan your website and you should plan it almost like a holiday! What does this mean? Simply put, it refers to the cool planning that include the correct orientation, budgeting, visibility optimization and marketing channels so that the desirable fructification is achieved. Web design agencies today offer to assist along all the dimensions of planning a website!

One of the most dominant paradigms of web is ‘mobile’ and the leading search engines like Google have been spearheading initiatives in support of it. This has led to increased emphasis on mobile devices and experiments like mobile friendliness and now AMP (the Accelerated Mobile Pages) are determining the web design tasks.


AMP Project of Google is aimed as instant loading of the webpages on mobile devices and this has necessitated the appropriate inputs during web design.For the WordPress website, this is achieved through the specific plugin that makes available the AMP compatible webpages. Securing the AMP compliances is now considered mandatory; if the visibilities are to be secured because Google has made it a potent determinant for the search results at the mobile devices.

WordPress is among the most sought CMSs for website design and development. However, experts have cautioned against its use and they opine that it should be the last option. Among many reasons that they put forward include the following –


1. It is primarily for blogging and is constrained for complex CMS functions

2. A mammoth plugins system is offered. These plugins generate robust functionality but in the absence of proper knowledge and experience, there could be website malfunctioning due to incompatibilities between various plugins.

3. To develop a full fledged website through WordPress, coding skills are required!

4. Updates keep emerging and need to be assimilated

5. Often WordPress sites are slow to load

6. Lack of security and vulnerability for hacking

7. No authentic technical support available

8. Some themes are not responsive

Web site and web portal is often used interchangeably in the layman terms and discussion; however, from the technical point of view these are not the same. A web portal is developed as a broader system that offers access points to the hosted resources and the associated functionalities. A website on the other hand is a destination in the web that offers a user experience as combination of text, images and videos through the browser.


Website is traced and searched through the URL that is hosted on a web server. Web portals are often designed as the systems that can manage different services like the search engines, mailing and navigation and online shopping among others. A web portal thus acts as a dynamic resource management platform.

Websites are the destinations in the web domains and can be reached through the URL or ‘uniform resource location’. It can be an aggregate of different audio – visual components and deliver a composite user experience through the browser functions. The informational orientation is a definitive attribute of a website. For the web application, the information is complemented by a function or more.


Thus with the web application, the user/visitor can actually get interactive and make the contribution or seek the same from the host. A narrowed down definition of a web app also corresponds to the direct serving of the desired function(s) to the visitor who is interested in the same. This way, a web app often loads easily!

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